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In Memory of

Bernardo Gasmin Barrozo

February 20, 1969 - June 16, 2017


Bernardo Gasmin Barrozo, the name of a wonderful and legendary man of God. Bernardo, or Bernie for short to his friends and family, was an amazing Husband, amazing Son, amazing Father, amazing Brother, and an amazing Friend. He was all those things and more. In my eyes, God gave me the greatest, funniest, and strongest man as my Dad. He was born in San Fernando, La Union, Philippines to a beautiful couple, Ernesto Ramos Barrozo and Maria Gasmin Barrozo. Born on February 20, 1969, and the eldest of six wonderful children, Randy, Erma, Wena, JR,...

Bernardo Gasmin Barrozo, the name of a wonderful and legendary man of God. Bernardo, or Bernie for short to his friends and family, was an amazing Husband, amazing Son, amazing Father, amazing Brother, and an amazing Friend. He was all those things and more. In my eyes, God gave me the greatest, funniest, and strongest man as my Dad. He was born in San Fernando, La Union, Philippines to a beautiful couple, Ernesto Ramos Barrozo and Maria Gasmin Barrozo. Born on February 20, 1969, and the eldest of six wonderful children, Randy, Erma, Wena, JR, and Isaiah. He always believed in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Growing up, my Father always put God first, and always wanted to provide for his family. Cracking jokes and smiling that beautiful smile. No matter how corny, dirty, or crazy the joke was, the way he delivered the joke would always make you bust out smiling and laughing. Bernie went to Ilocanos Community School then went to high school at Union Christian College where he was a great, intelligent student. Afterwards, he went to SLU, Saint Louis University, in Baguio City, Philippines, which he majored in electrical engineering. He always looked out and cared for his siblings, and loved to play and watch the sport of basketball. There were times where he, his brother Randy, and a group of friends would go to other provinces to play in basketball tournaments/games for money where they would win. He loved to go fishing with his father, my Lolo Ernesto, where they would get up as early as 3 o'clock in the morning to go fishing since they lived close to the ocean. They would spend hours in the ocean fishing. Returning with lots of fish, they would eat some of the fish and give the other fish to my Lola Maria to sell in the market. In the year 1990, while back home in San Fernando, a beautiful woman caught his eye on the sidewalk. That same year a major 7.8 earthquake struck the Philippines. This resulted in that woman moving from Baguio City to San Fernando since her family's home was in need of repair. That woman was my mother, Catherine Villanueva. Through faith, my father first saw my mother chasing after her nephew and niece on the sidewalk while he was sitting down across the street drinking with his friends. My father was enamored with her beauty so he started asking around the neighborhood who that woman he saw on the sidewalk was. One of the people working in a nearby store told my dad that her name was Catherine, and she came from Baguio with her family because of the earthquake that struck a couple weeks before. Bernie sent a bouquet of flowers to her door, but her older brother, Ernie, was the one who got it. Ernie then asked who Bernie was, but Cathy did not know at that time. Ernie's wife Edith, had a brother, Allan, who revealed that Bernie was Edith and Allan's cousin. Afterwards, Bernie came to Cathy's house to meet her face to face and ask her out on a date. Together they went, with Cathy's sister, Tess and Tess' boyfriend Pat, and her brother, Jhun; and Bernie's sister, Erma. Their first date, they went as a group to the bowling alley. Both Bernie and Cathy were shy at first, but at the end of the night, Bernie asked Cathy to accompany him to church the next time he takes her out and Cathy said yes. Since then, Bernie would come visit Cathy at her family's house at least three times in a week to court her and win her heart. Bernie would always send flowers and letters to Cathy when he would visit, and was such a romantic. After nine months staying in San Fernando, Cathy had to go back to Baguio with her family. Bernie wanted to keep courting her so they maintained a long distance relationship since San Fernando to Baguio was a 2 hour distance by bus. Even with a 2 hour distance apart, Bernie would always come to visit Cathy at least three times a week where he would always bring fish that he caught with his father and beautiful red roses that he would present to Cathy. The days he couldn't visit, he would write her love letters to express his compassion for Cathy. After five years of courting and a strong, ongoing lovely relationship, Cathy went to the U.S. with her family and would go back and forth to the Philippines to spend time with Bernie. On December 28, 1994, they declared their true love for one another and got married in Bauang, La Union, in the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. With a beautiful marriage, they gave birth to a handsome child, Bernie Dion Barrozo, on November 4, 1996. "Made in the Philippines, but born in the USA" my dad would joke. After six months I was born, my mom, Cathy, brought me to the Philippines so that my dad, Bernie, can finally see their beautiful little miracle. My mom petitioned my dad to come to the U.S. in 1994. After a long, six-year wait, my dad was finally accepted to come to the U.S. and arrived on July 2000. He arrived in San Francisco International Airport where me and my mom joyfully picked him up to finally bring him back home with us. He worked as an engineer in the early 2000's in company's Sanmina and Solectron, but due to a declining economy, lay-offs occurred. My dad wanted a secure and stable job, so Butch, my mom's brother, helped my dad get a job working as a patient transporter in Kaiser Permanente. He had good pay to support his family, but more importantly, he enjoyed his work there. He met great, close friends through his years there. He would always tell jokes to his co-workers, especially to those who he was close with and were there with him since he first got in that job. Some of his close friends were transporters as well like Octavio, while some were nurses, doctors, etc. He would do push-up contests with his friends like Juan in the locker room where he would always emerge victorious. Juan recalled a memory where he reached thirty push-ups and called it quits, while my dad kept going until he did eighty and wanted to continue, but didn't want to show off too much. My mom would jokingly ask him why he would wear a tank top to work, and it was so my dad can show off his huge muscles to his friends. My dad would also tell dirty jokes to his co-workers and would always make people laugh. He would work from 3:00 AM to 11:30 PM. Every time during his fifteen minute breaks and his lunch break, he would always call me and my mom to hear our voices, ask how was our day, and to check in on us. I always enjoy our conversations over the phone. His friends/co-workers would say he was the best transport at KP Santa Teresa. Everyone at Santa Teresa Kaiser Hospital knew my dad as the funniest, calmest, strongest, and hard-working man in that hospital. To me and my mom, he was the greatest man we knew. From Kindergarten, all the way to 6th grade, my dad would always bring me lunch from places like Popeye's or McDonald's because the school cafeteria food was nasty. My dad and mom would always come to support me whenever I had an event happening in school or when I had to deliver a speech to the whole school. Finishing middle school and high school, my dad would always give me awesome advice to help me get through any obstacle. Whether it be about school, girls, or anything else, he was there to hear me out and advise me on what to do. We would always talk about sports, especially basketball. His two favorite teams to root for were the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors. He would always watch and play basketball growing up, and we would talk about his favorite players to watch like David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Steve Nash, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Kawhi Leonard. We would also talk about life in general. In college, I was majoring in bioengineering, and I was doing good in all the classes, but I disliked the science involved. So, he advised that since I was really good with numbers like him, that why don't I just do something in finance. I switched majors from engineering to accounting/finance, and it felt more enjoyable to me. Also, I was doing great in all the classes since I got the smarts of my dad. He would also say that I got his and mom's good looks too. Since then, my dad helped me figure out what career and path I want to reach to support my family. He helped established good ethics and values not only with me, but with those he was around. Me, my mom, and my dad would also go to church on Sundays to Filipino Christian Church, FCC, then to River of Life Family Church, ROLFC. He knew how to be an amazing father with the way he guided me to the path to success, to always put God first, and always love and support your family. He knew how to be an amazing husband with the way he valued, respected, and loved my mom. Every time my mom wanted something to eat, my dad would always cook delicious food since he was an amazing chef. I would joke with him that he was the Filipino Iron Chef. And if my mom wanted to go eat at a restaurant, my dad would drive us all the way there to eat. Every Valentine's day, my dad would never forget to give my mom a present. He would always present her with beautiful red roses, letters, and would take her shopping. On their anniversary date on December 28th, my dad would always take out my mom. My dad would buy her some jewelry and they would go out to eat at exquisite restaurants. They also enjoyed the simple things in life. Even days without a special occasion, my dad would always treat my mom as his queen, and would make her feel loved and cherished. Everyday, both of them were grateful to God that they met their soulmate. Wherever my dad would be, you would always see my mom with him. They loved each other's company, and they both knew that they had the greatest relationship in the world with each other. My family, my dad's friends, and all the people we know, say that my dad is one of a kind. And it's true, he's one in a million. He's an amazing husband, amazing son, amazing brother, and an amazing friend. He's all those things and more. On June 16, 2017, Heaven gained this beautiful, loving man. I'm forever grateful that my Lord Jesus Christ gave the funniest, strongest, coolest, and greatest man in the universe as my dad. I aspire to be just like my dad when I grow up. We should all aspire to be an amazing child of God, just like my dad was, when he walked among us on this Earth. Now, Heaven has a handsome angel right by God's side. We Love You Dad. I know we will see you again up there. Till then, watch over us and guide us to be more like you. A wonderful, selfless, caring, compassionate, and legendary man of God.